Finnish made base and mid layer clothing for tough use - ranging from highly breathable mesh base layers to PowerStretch midlayers, Svala delivers.

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Powerstretch pants
$ 87.00
Svala Powerstretch pants
Test-winning Finnish Powerstretch pants.
Powerstretch top
$ 121.07
Svala Powerstretch top
Test-winning Finnish Powerstretch top.
Active balaclava
$ 19.07
Svala Active balaclava
A thin hood with excellent wicking properties.
Stretchmesh Pants
$ 43.46
Svala Stretchmesh Pants
Men's stretchy base layer pants.
Merino Hood
$ 22.56
Svala Merino Hood
A two layer hood with large face opening.
Commando Hood, Merino
$ 26.04
Svala Commando Hood, Merino
Two layer commando hood for extreme cold.
Power Stretch Beanie
$ 19.16
Svala Power Stretch Beanie
The perfect sports beanie? Breathable, warm, extremely light.
Stretch Mesh Shirt
$ 52.17
Svala Stretch Mesh Shirt
Men's mesh base layer shirt - works in all climes!
Stretchmesh T-paita
$ 43.46
Svala Stretchmesh T-paita
A mesh base layer tee for superb breathability and insulation.
Stretchmesh Bermuda
$ 40.85
Svala Stretchmesh Bermuda
Men's stretchy base layer bermudas.
Windproof Bermuda Stretch
$ 40.85
Svala Windproof Bermuda Stretch
Wind protected bermuda shorts for men.
Power Stretch Pro Vest
$ 104.43
Svala Power Stretch Pro Vest
Stretch fleece vest.
100% Dry Hood
Made in Finland
$ 13.35
$ 19.07
Svala 100% Dry Hood
A polypropylene hood with great wicking properties.
Tundra Balaclava
Made in Finland
$ 27.98
Svala Tundra Balaclava
A balaclava made for snow mobile use and winter offroad motorcycling.
Windproof Racing
$ 36.49
Svala Windproof Racing
A technical balaclava with great neck protection.
Windproof Neck Warmer
$ 39.98
Svala Windproof Neck Warmer
Protection and warmth for your neck, throat and shoulder area.