Feuerhand Myrskylyhty 5" Sparkling Iron

Traditional non-pressurized lantern for lamp oil use.

Made in Germany, this high quality lantern can take decades of use. If needed, spare parts are also available – Feuerhand does not make throw-away products. And if you’ve ever bought a cheap lantern you might have ended up wondering why the oil seems to disappear over time… Well, a Feuerhand won’t leak! For outdoor use only Material: galvanized steel, powder coated Heat resistant glass protects the flame from wind and rain Gentle, even lighting Oil volume: 340 ml Burn time with one refill: up to 20 hours Wick: 12.5 mm wide Glass size: 5” The lantern is delivered without lamp oil

Product information

  • Measures: 15 x 26,5 x 13,5 cm
  • Weight: 520