Exped Flexmat Plus XS

A 120 cm long foldable sleeping pad.

Use as is in 2 to 3 season use, or as a hefty base mat under another one. Thanks to the accordion style folding structure, this mat can be packed in creative ways. The “dimple” structure creates insulating air pockets. Manufacturer’s recommended minimum using temperature: 2ºC Measurements: 120 x 52 x 3.8 cm Closed foam pads are care-free in use: they can’t be punctured as there is no air barrier to begin with, and even if it’s perforated or scratched, it will retain its insulation.

Product information

  • Inflating Mattresses
  • Closed cell foam pads
  • Weight: 315 g
  • Measures: 120 x 53 x 3,8 cm
  • R value: 2,2