ECOLunchbox Three-In-One

Ecological three-piece steel lunch box, 9 dl or 31 oz or 3.8 cups.

Stainless steel is a safe, odor-free, taste-free, easy to clean and extremely durable material. Use the EcoBox and you can forget about BPA problems and you’ll also help reduce the amount of trash – a steel box has a lifespan many times that of plastic boxes. The top compartment sits on top of the bottom, leaving the bottom with 1.5 cups of space. The snack container nests inside the top compartment and takes up .75 cups of space. Material stainless steel 201 Three steel containers pack inside each other with the following volumes: Bottom 12 oz = 1.5 cups Top 14 oz = 1.75 cups Snack container = 5 oz = .75 cups Adjustable clips are easy to optimize for kids or adults Does not contain toxins such as BPA, BPS or phtalates Machine washer friendly Can be used for warming food in an oven in medium heat, or over a campstove Do not use in a microwave Not leak proof Made in India

Product information

  • Volume: 9 dl
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Measures: 14 x 10 x 7 cm