ECOLunchbox was started by a eco-mom from California. Mission was to eliminate plastics from kids lunchboxes. Concept was pretty simple product, more healthy for people & the planet.
5 products
$ 33.97
ECOLunchbox Three-In-One
Ecological three-piece steel lunch box, 9 dl or 31 oz or 3.8 cups.
Steel Spork
$ 8.62
ECOLunchbox Steel Spork
A steel spork that packs inside the ECOLunchbox snack box.
Lunchbox 3in1 Giant
$ 47.81
ECOLunchbox Lunchbox 3in1 Giant
Ecological three-piece steel lunch box, 8 cups.
Solo Rectangle
$ 25.26
ECOLunchbox Solo Rectangle
Ecological steel lunch box, 8.5 dl or 29 oz or 3.6 cups.
3-in-1 Splash Box
$ 47.81
ECOLunchbox 3-in-1 Splash Box
Lunch box set with leak-free silicone lids.