Children's socks

Having a technical sock is great for your comfort: as they add a bit of cushion, they also help prevent chafing. With a well-made fit, they won't bundle up in your shoes.
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Suksee Socks
$ 15.45
Reima Suksee Socks
Mountain JR
$ 18.54
Bridgedale Mountain JR
SJE Kids Merino Socks
$ 6.89
Lasting SJE Kids Merino Socks
Jr Hike Comfort
$ 14.63
Bridgedale Jr Hike Comfort
Anti-Bite-sukat Insect
Outdoor price
$ 9.22
Reima Anti-Bite-sukat Insect
Merino/frotee Lasten
Made in Finland
$ 5.81
Scandinavian Outdoor Merino/frotee Lasten
Liikuntasukka JR
Outdoor price
$ 5.34
Tesema Liikuntasukka JR
TK 2 Kids
$ 11.62
Falke TK 2 Kids