Children’s caps and beanies for all seasons - made of lightweight synthetic materials, cotton and wool.

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Jr Cachalot
$ 21.73
Columbia Jr Cachalot
Highly sun protecting hat for kids.
Agata 711 Girls Knit Hat
$ 19.07
Lego Wear Agata 711 Girls Knit Hat
Children's hat with reflector badge.
Colder Beanie
$ 13.07
Molo Colder Beanie
Children's wool acrylic mix cap.
Helags Junior
$ 25.26
Fjällräven Helags Junior
Children's cap with leather logo.
Alfred 204 Boys Hat
$ 17.33
Lego Wear Alfred 204 Boys Hat
Boys' Ninjago hat.
Breeze Kid Balaclava
$ 32.23
Devold Breeze Kid Balaclava
Kid's Balaclava made of extremely fine, high quality Merino wool.
Alfred 203 Hat
$ 17.33
Lego Wear Alfred 203 Hat
Nice kids' hat for spring
Bode -pipo
$ 12.98
Reima Bode -pipo
Stretchy cap for kids.
Hurmos Beanie 2018
Made in Finland
$ 17.42
Reima Hurmos Beanie 2018
Warm merino wool beanie with fleece lining and windproof inserts
Airflo Organic
$ 82.74
Tilley Airflo Organic
Warm weather hat made of organic cotton and Spandex.
The Kids Hood Lightning Bolts
$ 30.40
BlackStrap The Kids Hood Lightning Bolts
Extremely protective balaclava for kids.
Knit Cap Kids
$ 13.07
$ 13.85
Jack Wolfskin Knit Cap Kids
Children's acrylic knit cap.
Hopewell Cap Kids
$ 13.07
$ 17.33
Jack Wolfskin Hopewell Cap Kids
Knit cap for kids, with a fleece liner.
Hattara Beanie
$ 17.38
Reima Hattara Beanie
Stretchy cotton beanie for kids.
Viiri Sunhat
$ 17.38
Reima Viiri Sunhat
Girls' reversible sun hat: two colors in the same product.
Youth Snap Pack Hat
$ 17.38
Columbia Youth Snap Pack Hat
A fun mesh cap for kids.
Onki Beanie
$ 12.98
Reima Onki Beanie
A children's beanie for spring and summer use!
Made in Finland
$ 26.04
Tella Jolla
A Finnish-made bucket hat for kids.
Uikku Beanie
$ 17.38
Reima Uikku Beanie
Cotton knit beanie for kids.
Outdoor price
Made in Finland
$ 28.95
Tella Kani
Extremely warm winter cap for children, with "bunny ears".
Vanttuu Beanie
$ 11.32
Reima Vanttuu Beanie
Wool mix beanie for kids.
Kite Hat
Outdoor price
$ 13.07
Molo Kite Hat
Wool-acrylic-mix beanie for kids.
Kids Rib Beanie
$ 33.97
Fjällräven Kids Rib Beanie
Children's wool mix beanie with impeccable Fjällräven quality.
Paw Cap Kids
$ 14.76
Jack Wolfskin Paw Cap Kids
Peaked cap in hard-wearing organic cotton and airy mesh fabric
Supplex Shoreline Cap Kids
$ 19.12
Jack Wolfskin Supplex Shoreline Cap Kids
Lightweight baseball cap made of fast-drying fabric with high UV protection.
Frappe Beanie
$ 15.64
Reima Frappe Beanie
Beanie for toddlers and bigger children. Reversible model!
Youth Whirlibird
$ 11.28
Columbia Youth Whirlibird
Children's acrylic beanie. Simple does it!
Youth Adjustable Ball Cap
$ 21.73
Columbia Youth Adjustable Ball Cap
Children's traditional cotton ball cap.
Kids Fleece Cap
$ 12.15
Jack Wolfskin Kids Fleece Cap
Simple fleece hat for kids, complete with Jack Wolfskin logo.
Jw Stormlock Pompom Kids Beanie
$ 13.07
$ 17.33
Jack Wolfskin Jw Stormlock Pompom Kids Beanie
A warm knit beanie for kids, complete with windproof fleece liner.
Kirnu Beanie
$ 13.07
Reima Kirnu Beanie
Fleece liner, wool mix top and ear protection.
Aurora Balaclava
$ 17.38
Reima Aurora Balaclava
A balaclava made of wool.
Kiddy Hat
Outdoor price
$ 13.07
Molo Kiddy Hat
Children's wool-acrylic beanie.
Amanda 707
$ 14.72
$ 18.73
Lego Wear Amanda 707
Children's knit hat made of 100% wool.
Front Paw Hat Kids
$ 16.50
Jack Wolfskin Front Paw Hat Kids
Warm fleece hat with large paw print on the front
Alfred 727
$ 14.72
$ 18.73
Lego Wear Alfred 727
Children's wool hat with ninja print.
Leimu Beanie
$ 19.99
Reima Leimu Beanie
Wool-acrylic mix beanie for kids.
LW Merino Hat Purple Multi
$ 23.47
Buff LW Merino Hat Purple Multi
A light weight Merino hat for a multitude of conditions.
$ 23.47
Reima Rainy
Children's sou'western for those rainy days.
Amanda 700
$ 15.60
$ 20.81
Lego Wear Amanda 700
Wool acrylic hat for kids.
Viehe Sunhat
$ 17.38
Reima Viehe Sunhat
A fun reversible sun hat for kids, in traditional fisherman style.
Ålberga Balaclava JR
$ 20.90
Lindberg Ålberga Balaclava JR
Merino wool balaclava for children.
Outdoor price
Made in Finland
$ 30.42
Tella Pallopallo
A warm children's hat with two pompoms.
Lumi Beanie 2018
$ 39.11
Haglöfs Lumi Beanie 2018
Classic Swedish design wool beanie
Puolukka Balaclava
$ 17.33
$ 21.69
Reima Puolukka Balaclava
A Merino wool balaclava for kids.
Waterproof Waffle Knit Bobble
$ 26.13
SealSkinz Waterproof Waffle Knit Bobble
Waterproof beanie with fleece liner.
Waterproof Cable Knit Bobble
$ 26.13
SealSkinz Waterproof Cable Knit Bobble
Waterproof beanie with fleece liner.
Donnie Kid Beanie
$ 21.77
Picture Organic Clothing Donnie Kid Beanie
Kids beanie.
Alfred 722
$ 12.98
$ 17.33
Lego Wear Alfred 722
A thick acrylic beanie for kids.
Kids Snowball Hat
$ 39.19
Fjällräven Kids Snowball Hat
A warm wool hat for children, complete with fleece liner.
Alfred 708
$ 11.23
$ 15.24
Lego Wear Alfred 708
Lego ninja hat.
LW Merino Forest Night
$ 23.47
Buff LW Merino Forest Night
A lightweight Merino Buff.
Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Hat
$ 30.49
SealSkinz Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Hat
Fantastic weather protection for cold, windy and wet conditions.
Aapa beanie
Outdoor price
$ 20.03
Reima Aapa beanie
Warm wool beanie.
Alfred 205 Boys Hat
$ 17.33
Lego Wear Alfred 205 Boys Hat
Boys' Ninjago hat.
Turtle Sunhat
$ 17.38
Reima Turtle Sunhat
Children's sun hat.
CSC Youth Ball Cap
$ 17.38
Columbia CSC Youth Ball Cap
Children's ball cap with adjustment.
Tropical Sunhat
$ 17.38
Reima Tropical Sunhat
A proper piece of armor against the sun.
Kivikko Beanie
$ 17.42
Reima Kivikko Beanie
Merino wool for warmth, with a cotton liner. Children's sizes.
Youth Silver Ridge Patrol Cap
$ 21.73
Columbia Youth Silver Ridge Patrol Cap
Breathable children's cap with great sun protection.
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