Calazo Villin Luonnon Puuhakirja

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A book full of ideas on what to do and study in the great outdoors.

All text in the book is in Finnish.

Have an ant party, a snail race, draw with dandelions, help bees and do a reverse version of hide and seek. Games, tips on sowing seeds, recipes, and interesting info on nature’s critters, both big and small. You’ll also learn to sneak on trails without making a sound! The book has tips for all seasons.

Karin Runesson is a biologist and journalist. She has two children and works as the manager of Sweden’s nature protection assotiation’s child- and family activities.

Emilie Bergman is an illustrator and graphic designer. She wants to create dialogue regarding norms, equality of genders, democracy and our environment.

Mikko Lamminpää has translated the book into Finnish and he is an outdoor journalist, scout leader and a father.

Printed in the EU. Printed in 2019. Copyright: Calazo Förlag AB, Stockholm 2019.

ISBN: 978-91-88779-39-7

All text in the book is in Finnish.