Bushmen Tarp 4x3 UL

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An ultralight tarp in a larger 4 x 3 meter size.

With its larger size, this UL tarp offers the possibility to create “doors” at the ends, when using with a hammock. It packs down very small and gives proper rain protection: the hydrostatic head is a respectable 3500 mm and the center seam is sealed.

Bushmen’s Ultralight products are literally what the name says: while compact and light, they require care in use, and we recommend going for the more rugged Thermo-Tarp if you expect to face high wind levels. Never over-tighten the tarp.

  • Made of 15 denier microripstop Nylon with silicone treatment
  • Hydrostatic head 3500 mm
  • Sealed center seam
  • 19 attachment loops for a variety of pitching options
  • Included: 6 pcs of 3 meter long cords with adjustment buckles
  • Included: stuffsack with handle

The importer’s info on the safe use of Bushmen Ultralight tarps:

Bushmen Ultralight tarp loops and buckle hooks are compatible. When the tarp’s pitching cords are tightened, the buckles lock in place. Note: do not overtighten.

These pitching cords act as a failsafe and are an integral part of the safe use of Ultralight series tarps. The glide buckle is designed to let go when under too big of a stress. This is a warning sign, and works as a way to protect the tarp from damage. Overtightening, stumbling on the cords or gusts of wind are not considered as a reason for a product claim.

The suspension cords have small ends that can come loose if the tarp ends up receiving too much force. If the cord has slid off the buckle, thread it back in its place. Lift the buckle’s flap, thread the cord in and close the flap. The ends coming loose is considered a function of the fail-safe system, and not a warranty issue. In order to spread the load evenly, always use all six cords to pitch the tarp and never make extra knots that might prevent the buckle from operating properly.

Bushmen Ultralight tarps are made without the tough reinforcements found in the Thermo-Tarps. The UL tarp is not optimal for use in diamond shape on top of a hammock. Ultralight tarps are also not suitable for use in hard or gusty wind conditions. If you were to use other suspension cords than the ones included in the package, please use shock cords to help soften the wind’s effects.

Product information

  • Packing size: 22 cm x 9,5 x 9,5 cm
  • Weight: 680
  • Measures: 4 x 3 m