Bushmen Hideout Thermo

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A bivy, hammock cover, rain poncho with bugnet - a true multitalent!

Patented design! Made of waterproof fabric with an aluminized inner surface, this zippered multipurpose product becomes a mummy-shaped bivy bag for wind and rain protection when the zippers are closed.

At the shoulders, the product is 90 cm wide when laid flat, providing plenty of space - the Hideout won’t compress your sleeping bag’s loft. At the foot end of an average sleeping bag, the width is 55 cm and at the very end, it is 45 cm.

Note! The word Thermo in the product’s name refers to the aluminized inner surface which reflects a bit of heat - this product does not have any sort of insulation or liner.

The product is 230 cm long, so it can also serve as a minimalist tarp if needed. Inspired by the Polish shelter cloth (pałatka), two Hideout Thermos can be joined by their zippers to form a wider tarp.

As a rain poncho, the Hideout Thermo is exceptionally protective: the zippers actually keep the sides closed, unlike snap-button models, while still allowing for ventilation. There is a zippered pocket on the chest.

With two included Bushmen Expander straps, the product can be set up as a hammock cover.

  • Detachable, spacious, and adjustable hood
  • Dimensions as a bivy bag: 260 x 90/45 cm
  • Dimensions as a rain poncho: 115 cm (plus hood) x 140 cm
  • Two zippered inner pockets
  • Sprayproof zippers
  • In poncho mode, the hood is complemented by a mosquito net, whose stiffener helps keep the net away from the face
  • Ultraviolet protection factor 50+
  • A repair patch is included - if the product is damaged, clean the area, dry thoroughly, press the patch in place, and wait 20 minutes

When using as a bivy, remember the basic nature of bivys: they are minimalist, emergency-style shelters and a certain amount of condensation is inevitable.

Note! The Expander cords have a built-in safety mechanism designed to protect the attached blanket, tarp, etc.: if wind or, for example, the swaying of a tree in the wind pulls the Expander forcefully enough to threaten breaking the tarp, the buckle detaches. Resetting it is easy: lift the flap, reinsert the end of the cord, and close the flap.

EUIPO patent No. 009091564-0001

Product information

  • Weight: 600
  • Packing size: 25 × 22 × 11 cm