Light My Fire

Light My Fire has been made famous by its practical outdoor dish set Meal Kit and its FireSteel products which are able to give out extremely hot sparks even if you’ve managed to introduce them to copious amounts of water. Light My Fire also incorporates design in its products, making for a lineup that is not just functional and comfortable to use but also nice to look at.

16 products
Mealkit Bio
$ 30.97
Light My Fire Mealkit Bio
A favorite mess kit, now with bio plastic.
Spork Titanium
$ 12.33
$ 19.47
Light My Fire Spork Titanium
Titanium version of the legendary Spork.
$ 15.97
$ 33.66
Light My Fire Fireknife
A stainless puukko with integrated fire steel in the handle.
Mykit Spork
$ 2.22
Light My Fire Mykit Spork
The legendary Spork for all ages.
$ 26.57
Light My Fire Add-a-Twist
Waterproof and airtight container system
Mykit SnapBox Original
$ 3.10
Light My Fire Mykit SnapBox Original
170 ml food box
Mykit Pack-Up Cup
$ 5.32
Light My Fire Mykit Pack-Up Cup
Collapsible mug, 2.6 dl.
Mykit SnapBox Oval
$ 3.55
Light My Fire Mykit SnapBox Oval
320 ml food box
Mykit Cutting Board
$ 2.66
Light My Fire Mykit Cutting Board
A cutting board with strainer holes – fits inside a LunchKit or MealKit.
Spork Little 3-pack
$ 7.05
Light My Fire Spork Little 3-pack
Three pack of Sporks for kids.
Mykit Salt & Pepper Plus
$ 7.54
Light My Fire Mykit Salt & Pepper Plus
Three compartment spice box for outdoor cooks.
Mykit Plate'n'Bowl With Harness
$ 8.87
Light My Fire Mykit Plate'n'Bowl With Harness
A bowl and plate complete with harness.
Firesteel Bio Scout
$ 13.22
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio Scout
Laadukkaat, helposti mukana kulkevat tulukset.
$ 17.70
Light My Fire Grill
The perfect tool for grilling fish etc. on a campfire.
Spork Bio
$ 2.66
$ 3.99
Light My Fire Spork Bio
Spork to take with you wherever you go.
Firesteel Bio Army
$ 13.22
$ 19.43
Light My Fire Firesteel Bio Army
Rugged, high quality fire striker set.