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Payment methods

Credit/debit card

You can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

For orders inside Finland, payment via debit card is also possible with our payment service provider Maksuturva.

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Payment methods


You can also pay with PayPal!

PayPal Logo

Note: PayPal orders are only delivered when all address data matches - that is, you can't make an order to an address you haven't registered with PayPal.


In Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland you can choose to pay with Klarna.

Klarna Bill and Account:

Klarna Bill

The Klarna Bill gives you a 14 day payment period, meaning you have enough time to check the product before paying. If you decide to return the item, you need to let us know about the return within 14 days of receiving it..

What does Klarna need to know?

- Klarna checks your social security / personal id number and your phone number to verify your data and verifies your order within a few seconds. If Klarna is unable to confirm your order, we recommend you choose another payment option.

Paying your Klarna Bill?

- You will be sent a bill together with the products you order.

- Check the pay by date from the bill

Klarna Bill interest and other possible fees and charges

- If your payment is late, a reminder fee of 5.00€ and a penalty interest of 11.5% will be added.

Paying your Klarna Account

Account billing is done at the end of each month by mail and their due date is at the beginning of the next month. The first Klarna Account bill is sent at the end of the month of purchase.

Klarna expenses

Payment Min. purchase Interest Opening fee Billing fee
3 mths 100 € 0 % 9.9 € 3.95 €
6 mths 100 € 0 % 19 € 3.95 €
12 mths 100 € 0 % 29 € 3.95 €
24 mths 100 € 9.95 % 29 € 3.95 €
36 mths 100 € 9.95 % 29 € 3.95 €
1/24 0.10 € 22 % 0 € 3.95 €

Read more about Klarna Payments.