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Scandinavian Outdoor is a Finnish retail and online store chain. Scandinavian Outdoor continues the tradition of Partiovaruste - the Finnish company was founded in 1970. We changed our name to Scandinavian Outdoor Oy in May 2014. The company is entirely Finnish-owned.

Our journey started over 40 years ago with the sale of scout badges. Today our team serves our customers with a comprehensive selection of outdoor clothing and equipment, not forgetting scouting items! In addition to our brick & mortar shops, we own the Scandinavian Outdoor online store.

Scandinavian Outdoor Oy

Lukkosepänkatu 7
20320, Turku.
Tel. +358 10 3970 591

Business ID: 2066059-1
VAT number: FI20660591

Scandinavian Outdoor – History

“From a boy scouts’ shell company into a leading expert in the domestic markets”

From a boy scouts’ shell company into a leading expert in the domestic markets

In 1967, a scout kiosk opened in Turku, Finland

  • Local scouts opened the kiosk, which sold scout badges and outfits. This is the beginning of our story, although the company was not founded in 1967.

Turku, where it all began

  • An open company was founded by local boy and girl scout districts, which was named Partiovaruste. The goal of the company was to “sell equipment for scouting and activities closely related.” At the time, sales were performed by the staff of the district office at the premises of the Martinkatu office in Turku.

Scouts Office

1977 The first shop – The beginning of the Outdoor professionals

  • The sales of scouting equipment continued to be strong, and the first full-time salespeople were hired to the store in Turku. In addition to scouting equipment, the staff’s camping equipment was for sale. Even then, knowledgeable salespersons were an essential part of our developing story.

1985 The first camping specialty store was opened

First store

  • The former store moved into larger premises.
  • The selection of camping equipment and clothing expanded considerably.
  • The selection included several top brands of outdoor activity, such as Fjällräven, which is one of our cooperation partners even today!
  • The activities in this store continued until 2016 when the store moved to a new address.

1992–1995 Establishment of a ski school and expanding it outside the boundaries of the home city

Skiing School in Hirvensalo

  • 1992 The first store outside the home city is opened in the neighboring municipality Salo.
  • 1994 The ski school is founded at the local ski resort. The ski school taught downhill skiing until the year 2017!

1999 The first online store

  • The first online store of Partiovaruste (present Scandinavian Outdoor) opened at

2003 The first sizable store

Kuninkoja Store Turku

  • An outdoor and camping specialist store of over 500 square meters opened in Raisio.
  • At the same year, sales exceeded 3 million euros.

2007 The beginning of the conquest of the international outdoor section

  • A new online store was opened, which targeted the international market.
  • The strengths of the company were still high quality and a wide selection of products, knowledgeable service, and a reasonable price level.

2009–2013 Acquisitions and mergers: a driving force for growth

Satakunnan Partiokauppa Helsinki Store Tampere Store

  • During a four-year period, five new physical stores opened in Finland.
  • The online store thrives in Finland and internationally.

2014 The company introduces its current name – Scandinavian Outdoor

Forum Helsinki Flagship Store

  • Partiovaruste Oy changes its name to Scandinavian Outdoor Oy.
  • In 2014, approx. 1.2 million unique visitors visited the online store, and packages were delivered to more than 50 countries.

2014–2016 Strong growth in the online store

Turku Hansa Store

  • two new stores opened in the Stockmann department stores of Turku and Tampere.
  • In 2016, approx. 4.5 million unique visitors visited the online store.

2017 Scandinavian Outdoor – Growth company and outdoor expert

Scandinavian Outdoor staff

  • 2017 An investor named Ville Rantala from Turku buys 80% of the stocks of Scandinavian Outdoor Oy from Lounais-Suomen Partiolaissäätiö Foundation, and the Foundation continues its work in the company with its 20% share.
  • January 2018 Ville Rantala buys the rest of the company's stockhold and owns now 100% of company.
  • The scouts are still involved in the company and they are a part of the company’s history and future.
  • Scandinavian Outdoor is a 100% Finnish company.
  • Scandinavian Outdoor has seven brick-and-mortar stores in Finland. The online store serves the outdoor people of the whole world with its extensive expertise. Also, our beloved neighbors of Sweden are served by the Swedish language online store and we also serve our Russian customers thru our Russian language online store
  • Our turnover for the last fiscal year was 18 million euros, and the growth has remained steady in 2017-2018.
  • The future goal of Scandinavian Outdoor is to expand its business and continue its active role as an expert in Finnish outdoor life, by providing high quality outdoor and camping clothing and equipment through first class customer service to the outdoor people of Finland and the whole world!

For us, life is #LifeOutdoors.


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