Life Outdoors Club is a community of Scandinavian Outdoor friends, created to make your Outdoor Life easier.

Enjoying and respecting the nature in all its forms is the thing for us at Scandinavian Outdoor. Unforgettable trekking trip, peaceful hiking sessions and all the other moments in the nature is what makes us feel alive. Life Outdoors is not about the gear or the equipment, but practical and high-quality clothing and gear makes the outdoor experiences even more enjoyable. Through Life Outdoors Club, we want to make your outdoor life easier and ensure that your outdoor life is complemented by the most functional and suitable clothes and gear for you.
As a Club Member, your visits in our webstore will be easier and faster. From your Life Outdoors Club page, you can easily customize your own information and find your barcoded club card. When visiting in our stores, you can use the club card at the cashier desk and your receipts will go be saved straight to your club page. Join the Life Outdoors club and make your outdoor life even easier!

How do I join to the Life Outdoors club?

Joining is very easy and absolutely free!

Join the Life Outdoors club online:
1. Go to:
2. Enter your e-mail address in the field marked for it and press "join"
3. You will automatically receive a -10% discount code as well as your club account activation link to your email and by clicking the link you will activate your account.
4. Complete your contact information on your club account page and enjoy the benefits of Life Outdoors club! :)

Join the Life Outdoors club by visiting one of our stores:
1. You can join the club at the cashier desk of all our stores
2. At the cashier desk, an outdoor expert will request your email address and he/she will add your information to your system.
3. You will get a -10% discount on sight on your purchase or alternatively, the discount code to online store for your next purchase.
4. You will receive an activation link for your club account via email and by clicking on the link you will activate your club account.
5. Complete your contact information on your club account page and enjoy the benefits of Life Outdoors club! :)

As a member of Life Outdoors club, you enjoy the following benefits:

10% discount when joining the club! (Discount is for single use)

An inspiring and interesting Outdoor letter by email – Outdoor and Hiking Tips, News from the Outdoor World and Great Deals!

Life Outdoor club card, which allows you to conveniently link your shopping directly to your account.

Life Outdoors club page, where you can find guarantee receipts for all your purchased products and you can easily customize your own data.

Special events for outdoor activities and hiking!



Can I remove myself from the Outdoor mailing list and still be a member in Life Outdoors club?

Yes, this is totally possible! However, if you would like to cancel the order of the Outdoor Newsletter and stay as a member of the club, you can cancel your subscription from the settings of your club account.


How do I resign from the Life Outdoors club?

Of course we hope that we stay as friends but sometimes things don’t workout and that’s life. Breaking up with the Life Outdoors club is easy, just send a message to and we will deleted you club membership. By submitting a resignation to, we will complete your request and remove your club account and the information contained therein.

Not yet a life outdoors club member?

No worries – registration is quick and free! As a club member your shopping is easier and faster, you can view your order history and get other useful features on your account.